Better than Bitcoin

Safer than S&P500

Achieving high performance and minimizing risk through the analysis of 1B+ addresses and a fully automated index.

  • Total Trading Volume
  • Total TVL

Key Features

  • High Performance & Risk Hedging

    LOCKON achieves superior returns and effective risk management by analyzing over 1 billion wallet addresses and selecting the best-performing ones for our index.
  • Advanced Automation

    Our automated system enables rapid, high-frequency trading. The index is rebalanced over 1,550 times monthly, with gas fees covered by LOCKON.
  • Effortless Benefits

    Enjoy maximum returns with minimal effort simply by holding our index tokens. Our system handles all complexities, allowing you to benefit effortlessly.
  • Secure & Flexible

    Withdraw your assets at any time with confidence. LOCKON employs robust, audited security measures to safeguard your investments.

Higher returns than BTC, lower risk than S&P500

  • Profit Year**
  • Drawdown
    (Risk)/ Year**
  • 165.54%
  • 3.49%
  • BTC
  • 143.45%
  • 23.35%
  • S&P500
  • 29.16%
  • 10.27%

** as of May 16, 2024

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Disclaimer: Informational only. Not investment advice. Rates based on performance, not guaranteed. Details

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Security and Audits

  • Audited Smart Contract

    Audited Smart Contract

    LOCKON's smart contract has undergone multiple audits.

    Audit Report
  • Asset Ownership

    Asset Ownership

    LOCKON does not have the authority to control users' assets.

    Users can deposit and withdraw funds at any time.


  • What makes us different from other options?

    Unlike traditional investment options, our INDEX is made up of wallet addresses that have been profitable over the medium to long term, even during market volatility. This ensures more stable returns.

  • Which chains do we support?

    We currently support Polygon. Please note that the Arbitrum network will be available soon, and more chains will be added in the future.

  • How can I purchase the INDEX tokens?

    To issue/purchase our INDEX tokens, please follow these steps:

    • 1.

      Launch the App

    • 2.

      Connect your Wallet (e.g., MetaMask)

    • 3.

      Select an INDEX

    • 4.

      Specify the payment amount with the token of your choice

    • 5.

      Select "Issue"

      *Please refer to the GitBook link for more information.

    Further purchase options via CEX/DEX and credit card will be available in the future.

    What is the fee structure?

    • Issuance Fee: 0%
    • Transaction Fee: 0.2%
    • Redemption Fee: 0.5%
    • *Please refer to the GitBook link for more information.

    What risks are involved?

    Each INDEX issued by LOCKON is based on historical performance data, which does NOT guarantee future profits. Transaction frequency and drawdown values are also derived from historical data and may change in the future.

    Depositing assets in smart contracts carries risks that may affect your earnings or result in the loss of your digital assets. To ensure security, our smart contracts have been audited by Blaize.

    Digital assets may be subject to the following risks:

    • Loss or restricted access due to the actions or decisions made by regulatory authorities or centralized asset providers.

    • Loss of value, including partial or total loss, due to volatility, correlation, and valuation changes.

    • Poor performance if asset management diverges from the intended methodology.