Provide a high-performing INDEX through comprehensive transaction analysis.

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LOCKON composes INDEXes by analyzing the asset portfolios of tracked high-performing wallet addresses

This allows everyone to easily benefit from a high-performing INDEX.

Features of LOCKON

LOCKON delivers significantly higher performance with lower risk compared to holding BTC or ETH.

  • On-Chain
  • Total Market
  • On-Ramps
  • Profit Year**
  • Drawdown
    (Risk)/ Year**
  • All
  • 121.05%
  • 6.85%
  • BTC
  • 1
  • 147.02%
  • 22.58%
  • ETH
  • 1
  • 77.17%
  • 28.96%

** as of December 11, 2023

All you need to do is
choose the INDEX

Additionally, you have an option to set up automatic monthly investments using your credit card.

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    Disclaimer: This page is for informational purposes only and not investment advice. The creators of the site are not a financial advisor. Users should consult a professional before making investment decisions. The site is not responsible for any actions taken based on this information.

    The interest rate is calculated based on the performance of the tracking address and does not necessarily guarantee the interest rate.


    How to use

    There are various ways to benefit from using LOCKON.

    In addition to token swaps on the DEX and issues on LOCKON, we will soon introduce options to make purchases through both CEX and credit card.



    LOCKON places emphasis on the reproducibility of its INDEX.

    The token pool's composition solely includes tokens with substantial trading volume and is intentionally non-diversionary in design.


    On-Chain Analytics

    The INDEXes are composed based on high-performance wallet addresses that consistently generate profits over the medium to long term.

    These wallet addresses are chosen from a pool of over 720 million distinct addresses that have maintained profitability even during challenging periods like the FTX and LUNA controversies.

    We specifically pick those with minimal drawdowns even during significant market fluctuations, and in addition, only tokens with ample liquidity are included.

    There are multiple ways to benefit from LOCKON

    • Index Tokens

      You can get tokens through straightforward swaps on the DEX.
    • Index Deposits

      Occasionally, you may purchase tokens at a price lower than what's available on DEX.
    • Credit Card

      Direct purchases can be made using a credit card, eliminating the need to buy through crypto assets.
    • Subscription

      For example, you can opt for automatic monthly purchases of Index tokens at a fixed rate of $100.


    • What Sets Us Apart from Other Existing INDEXes?

      Unlike other existing INDEXes, LOCKON doesn't construct its Index solely from specific tokens.

      Instead, it analyzes the transaction history of wallet addresses that have consistently generated profits, forming its INDEX.

      This approach makes LOCKON's Index more lucrative compared to traditional INDEXes. Moreover, LOCKON periodically rebalances selected tokens based on factors like profitability, risk, and volatility.

    • Is the Tracked Wallet Address Reliable?

      LOCKON only tracks wallet addresses with a history of continuous profitability, analyzing all transactions spanning a minimum of one year.

      This approach enables us to identify wallet addresses that have sustained profitability even during highly volatile market conditions, such as the FTX shock.

    • What Are the Transaction Fees?

      The transaction fee is 0.2% per transaction. For more details, please refer to the GitBook link .